MIAMI – Last year’s Pilot licensing scandal has pushed Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan (CAAP) to outsource its licensing exams.

CAAP Director-General Khaqan Murtaza announced that the regulator was indeed outsourcing its licensing and this is “now being finalized with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)”.

Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Fraudulent Licences Widespread

Examinations, withheld for a long period since widespread allegations of falsified licenses, would resume within two months following the new agreement with UK CAA.

This decision was taken after the Pakistan Aviation Ministry disclosed last year that 262 commercial pilots out of 860, roughly one third, had fraudulently obtained their license.

Photo: Casey Groulx/Airways

Heavy Consequences on Commercial Aviation

The announcement brought havoc in Pakistan’s commercial aviation sector while the national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PK) was temporarily banned from US and EU skies.

It appears that investigations found out that a widespread malpractice involving a “pay to pass” scheme was present within the licensing authority along with continuing safety issues both at carriers and Pilots levels.

Featured image: Tony Bordealis/Airways