Pakistan International Airlines Airbus_A320-214 AP-BLD. Photo: PIA

MIAMI – Last week, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) completed its audit of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). This operational safety audit was launched as standard practice after the PK8303 accident in May.

The Press Trust of India reports that a 4 person team was sent to conduct the audit. The one week audit spanned multiple departments of the airline, from ground operations to engineering.

PIA’s last audit was in 2018, and renewals are scheduled every two years.

Photo: PIA

Outcome of the Audit

According to The Express Tribune, the IATA auditors noted safety improvements compared to the 2018 audit results.

From the 1072 parameters that the audit covered, according to the preliminary report, 98.5% of them were met according to the IATA standards. The remaining still need to be addressed.

At the end of June, EASA suspended PIA from flying to the EU, following the PK8303 accident and news of false pilot licenses. Passing this audit will be the first step to allow these flights to resume.

Photo: PIA

Other Changes in Pakistani Aviation

According to Dawn Newspaper, three Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials have been fired, and a fourth has been given a stay order. This is directly related to the suspicious license scandal which has rocked the aviation sector.

In total, 5 officials were suspended, two being senior joint directors, two assistants, and one HR senior superintendent. The detailed investigation is still ongoing.

The verification of the 262 suspicious licenses has been completed, and the final outcome will be presented at a cabinet meeting.

Featured image: Pakistan International Airlines Airbus_A320-214 AP-BLD. Photo: PIA