MIAMI – Oman Air (WY) has decided to scrap its expansion plans, notwithstanding a constant two-digit growth in the past few years. The forgone expansion plans centered on a new fleet and additional destinations.

The carrier was planning on doubling the fleet by adding Boeing 787s, Airbus 330Neo, and 737 MAX 8 while phased out its ATR aircraft.

Oman Air CEO, Mohammed Al-Bharwani, in an interview with WAF Oman, said that “going to 70 aircraft, the risks would have been quite high for the country and the Airline. Our plan is to reduce the number of aircraft to 36 and focus on a smaller company.”

Oman Air Boeing 737 MAX 8. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

A New Plan for the Airline

The plan for WY now comprises more cooperation with SalamAir (OV), with which a codeshare agreement exists, as well as more similar agreements with other carriers.

The revised plan objective is to reduce the carrier’s current fleet of 50 aircraft. Currently, WY operates 10 Airbus A330 (10 stored), 26 Boeing 737-800, 900, and MAX 8 (12 stored) plus eight Boeing 737 MAX 8 on order, eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners (1 stored), and four Embraer ERJ1701 (all stored).

In addition, as part of the restructuring plan, the Oman Investment Authority has dissolved the Oman Air Group, dividing its activities between Oman Air, which inherits catering and duty-free shops, and Muscat (MCT) Airport Management.

Featured image: Oman Air A4O-MB Boeing 737 MAX 8. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways