Picture from Primera Air.

LONDON – Icelandic LCC Primera Air has found itself in some hot water this week after it announced it would be temporarily switching its A321LR for a Boeing 737-800.

This means that they will be unable to make the journey in one direct flight.

The plane will need to stop for a refuel in Iceland which will add an additional 90 minutes to the travel time of the flight, which currently already takes eight hours and 25 minutes.

This is not the first time Primera Air have been hurt by this issue though with the airline earlier this year having to slash flights from Birmingham and Stansted due to late delivered from Airbus of their A321LR’s.

A spokesperson for the airline in a statement said: “Flights will be operated with a stopover in Iceland for fuelling due to operational reasons. All passengers are being informed about the aircraft change via email.

The statement continued: “Currently, the website is not showing properly stopover flights as it is an ad-hoc change, however, the update for these particular flights are in progress and will be changed soon.”

Reputation with Passengers…

The airline has also been hit with bad press from passengers who have been taking to social media to showcase their displeasure at the delays and flight cancellations they have experienced with the airline.

Some passengers have been saying that the airline has not been following the strict EC 261/2004 regulation.

EC 261/2004 set up to allow passengers to be able to receive fair compensation for the airline’s failure to provide the flight service that was booked and paid for.

A spokesperson in a statement said:  “Primera Air is strictly following EC 261/2004 regulation and we are continuously processing compensations, however due to cancelled and delayed flights when transatlantic operations were done by ACMI leased aircraft, the amount is a lot higher and therefore the process is slower.

The airline has said it is working to improve the process and in the upcoming week it will be significantly quickened.  “We apologise to all the customers and are fully aware that they haven’t experienced the service that we wanted to provide.”

While this issue is not going to massively affect most travels it is certainly a step in the wrong direction for a carrier that has been trying to break the UK-US market for cheap long haul direct flights.