PHOTO: Norwegian Air.

LONDON – Norwegian Air has become the largest non-North American airline to serve the New York area in 2018.

The airline carried over two million passengers on their transatlantic routes, which put the airline in front of their long haul transatlantic rivals British Airways.

Norwegian has become the leading airline in traffic, with it taking part in a record-breaking year of the New York area when it surpasses 50 million international passengers for the first time according to figures from the Porth Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Bjorn Kjos, Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian, said: “During a challenging year, Norwegian continued its growth in passenger numbers in a fiercely competitive and critical region, New York City.”

“We see this as a positive indicator that Americans have embraced and continue to support our service and our disruptive model on transatlantic routes.”

“New Yorkers are discerning consumers, so being the number one European airline to serve them is a tremendous honour as we strive to offer the best product, inflight service at irresistible fares moving forward,”

Norwegian operates non-stop services from 17 airports in the United States and with more than 55 nonstop routes to European destinations.

At the end of March, the airline is expected to increase these numbers, with it moving to add San Francisco Internation Airport and Miami International Airport to that ever-growing U.S. destination list.

In addition to this only recently the airline announced plans to add two new nonstop routes from Boston Logan Internation Airport to Rome and Madrid, and a new nonstop service from Chicago O’Hare International to Barcelona, all of which due to start in the summer this year.

The airline also said that it would be launching its 12th European nonstop destinations from the three New York City airports, JFK, Newark and Stewart, when they announced a new service to Athens which is due to launch on July 2.

Despite the news of the continued growth is a positive step for Norwegian, their continues to be reports fo the airline struggling to maintain it’s sheer size and route network. Only time will tell on how the woes that seem to be following the airline around will affect it’s 2019 increased services.