LONDON – This week saw the Argentinian subsidiary of Norwegian begin sales of tickets for their domestic flights, which are due to begin operations on October 16. 

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The first routes that Norwegian Air Argentina will undertake will be services to Mendoza and Buenos Aires from Cordoba.

The carrier will then service Iguazú, Bariloche, Neuquén and Salta in due course.

The routes will be operated by the airline’s Boeing 737-800’s which have been re-registered into Argentinian registrations in order for their Air Operator’s Certificates to be valid. 

The 737-800’s will have 189 single cabin seats overall. The aircraft will pay tribute to local Argentinian heroes, with the first being dedicated to musician and composer Astor Piazzolla.

Bjorn Kjos, the CEO of Norwegian Group in Oslo commented on this new milestone for the company.

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“When Norwegian Air Argentina (NAA) received its air operator certificate from the Argentine government on January 26, it could not have been more satisfied.

The imminent start of our operations confirms the long-term interest and commitment we have in Argentina, and it is also great news for all.

Supported by our global vision of offering low rates for all, our flights will help improve connectivity in the country, encourage local tourism and attract more tourists from abroad, causing an impact in turn. direct and indirect job creation”.

 Photo: ARGUEZ via Airplane Pictures.

Ole Christian Melhus, the CEO of the Argentinian subsidiary also commented on this milestone.

“The beginning of our sales and the early start-up of operations are our greatest milestone, since the founding of Norwegian Air Argentina. 

We are very grateful to the Argentine authorities, as well as to our current and future passengers, who have given us a very important support for the establishment of Norwegian in the country. 

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Argentina has enormous potential for the development of aviation and achieve a more integrated economy. Norwegian plans for the country aim to contribute to this from affordable prices, high efficiency and the highest safety standards”.

For Norwegian’s operations for around the world, they will offer the segmented sale of its products and services on these routes also.

For domestic flights, the Argentine subsidiary has implemented different rates for luggage and other elements:

  • LowFare – Includes a handbag of 10kgs.
  • LowFare+ – Includes a handbag of 10kgs, one checked baggage in the hold of 20kgs and seat reservation.
  • Flex: Includes a handbag of 15kgs, two bags in the hold of 20kgs, seat reservation, Fast Track and Priority when boarding.

These three rates will also add points to those who use Norwegian Reward, their membership program for which passengers gain CashPoints for each flight made.

The carrier will by the end of the first year of operations will have 10-15 aircraft, offering up to 246 weekly flights and transport around 2.2 million passengers.

In the next five to ten years, the airline aims to dominate the Argentinian market with 70 aircraft to cover over 100 routes and transport up to 12 million passengers per year.

All-in-all, this could be the start of something very big for the Argentinian and Latin American market.

By offering connectivity from Europe into Argentina, it could boost the tourism options for the country, especially it’s travelers.

With ambitious plans over the next five to ten years, only time will tell in the next 12 months whether the forecasts have come true and whether the subsidiary makes a profit.