MIAMI — Norwegian Air Argentina received yesterday the Air Services Operator Certificate (AOC) from Argentina’s National Government.

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“We received the AOC with great enthusiasm and honor, and it is a major milestone for our journey in Argentina,” said Ole Christian Melhus, CEO of Norwegian Air Argentina. “We also thank the director of the National Administration of Civil Aviation, Tomás Insausti, and all his team for their professionalism and dedication. Now we will focus on starting to offer safe flights and affordable fares to millions of passengers soon, as well as job creation and contributing to the stimulation of the local economy.”

The AOC certifies the airline fulfill safety and quality standards to carry out aeronautical operations and activities, following the law of the Argentina Republic. It also recognizes Norwegian Air Argentina as a commercial carrier.

“We are honored to receive the authorization by the Argentinian Government, and we thank the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Dietrich, and his team for the trust in Norwegian. This is great news that shows that we are getting closer to the start of our operations in Argentina with our safe, efficient and friendly service,” Bjørn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian.

Norwegian Air Argentina is owned by Norwegian Air Shuttle and was founded as an Argentinian airline in March 2017 in order to access future traffic rights to and from Argentina and South America for the world’s fastest-growing Low-Cost Carrier (LCC).

It has its own IATA and ICAO airline codes and had the intention to start operations in late 2017, but the company still missed the AOC certificate that was received yesterday to operate.

However, by December 2017, Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration granted Norwegian Air Argentina license to operate 152 routes; 72 domestic destinations and 80 international.

Also, the airline received its first Boeing 737-800 on January 15. The airline has nine aircraft of the type remaining in order and plans to operate them with bases in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and possibly Mendoza.

Norwegian Group of airlines is composed of four carriers: Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norwegian Air International, Norwegian Air UK and Norwegian Air Argentina.