MIAMI — Winnipeg-based ultra-low-cost carrier NewLeaf announced today that customers will be able to book flights to from a dozen cities in Canada: Halifax, Moncton, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Fort St. John, Abbotsford and Victoria. The airline will start flights next July 25.

The airline, announced to much fanfare last January 6, is intended to become Canada’s first ultra-low-cost carrier, following the path of American carrier Allegiant Airlines and aimed primarily to attract leisure travelers.

Its service planned to start in February was postponed until the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) completed its review of licensing regulations for Indirect Air Service Providers. Last March, the CTA ruled in favor of NewLeaf and cleared the runway for the company to resume ticket sales.

“We will absolutely adhere to the CTA’s clarified rules for resellers, and have taken the past few months to review our practices to make sure we are in full compliance. We are glad that we took the extra time to plan our re-launch as we wanted to protect consumers and offer them long term business stability,” Jim Young, President and CEO of NewLeaf Travel Company said in a statement.

The company said its flights will still be booked through Flair Airlines, which operates a fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft, and is licensed under the CTA. Flair Airlines will also provide both pilots and cabin crews.

“It has taken a bit of time to get off the ground but we are excited to now bring to Canada the ultra-low cost business model that has proven successful around the world.” Young said.