LONDON – United Airlines’ new livery has been leaked, forcing United Airlines to showcase it officially over social media.

As mentioned by CEO Oscar Munoz, this paint scheme is about more of an “evolution” rather than a “revolution”.

This livery is inspired from the old Continental Airlines livery, having firstly introduced back in 1991.

Obviously, the Continental livery post-merger was kept but with the name change.

This was leaked on Tuesday night before the official announcement was made via social media this morning.

The video shows the modern livery going through each step of the painting process.

Photo by Klaus Ecker via – N37267 seen landing at Los Angeles back in February 2011.

The aircraft itself is N37267, which is a Boeing 737-800 delivered to Continental Airlines back in September 2001, offering an age of 17.7 years.

The aircraft was under the Continental name for nine years, in which in that time had winglets installed onto the aircraft.

It wasn’t until October 2010 when the aircraft was transferred to United post-merger but still had the colours past 2011.

Photo by Jan Seba via – N37267 in the United colours back in March 2013 in Las Vegas

The aircraft is currently configured with 16 seats in Business, followed by 150 in Economy.

So what we know is that the famous Globe is staying, which has been painted even more significantly onto the aircraft tail.

The gold colours that used to be on the tail are to be removed, stylizing it with a blue logo and some light & dark shades.

The United name used to be in a gray colour, but now the United name will be more saturated with blue.

There is also the famous wavy line, which has been seen more on the airline’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 737MAX9s featuring a gold line.

We will now see this as Gray across the windows and down to the fuselage.

Whilst this is not a significant change, it is starting to produce a more modern and fresh outlook.

But even with the rebranding element, there could have been something a little more entertaining to it.

If anything, it just feels like a stylized element and not a message of rebranding.

For example, American Airlines did a complete rebrand in 2013 in a post-bankruptcy eta as well as Frontier Airlines changing in 2014 after a change in ownership and model.

It is a general wonderment whether all of the other aircraft that have been repainted in recent years will follow this suit or not.

It will be interesting to see how others react to the brand whether it will produce any positive moments.

In the wake of bad publicity over the last 12-18 months, it is a step in the direction that United will want to challenge and generate better results.