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MIAMI – Last month, American Airlines (AA) announced their intention to decrease the space between their Economy Class seats of their upcoming Boeing 737 MAX aircraft by two inches (5cm). The was forced to acknowledge their plans prematurely following a story written by Jon Ostrower of CNN.

This was a significant decrease in what already is a relatively tight seat. American Airlines explained that all new Boeing 737 MAX’s will come with a reduced 29-in leg pitch in Main Cabin between seats on three rows of the airplane, whereas the rest of the Economy Class seats will be configured at a 30-in pitch.

With this, the carrier would have become the first large U.S. carrier to offer a pitch legroom on par with an ultra-low-cost carrier. Credits: CNN Money.

However, after hearing numerous complaints from a large customer base, today AA announced some changes: “American has decided to space all Main Cabin rows with at least 30 inches of pitch,” said Robert Isom, American Airlines President.

“We’ve reassessed what’s appropriate for the markets served by our new 737 MAX and have found a way to deliver a minimum of 30 inches of pitch for all Main Cabin rows. This is the right call for customers and the right call for our team members who take care of them.”

Even though the airline has changed its mind, all aircraft will be configured as originally planned with a capacity of 172 seats by eliminating one of the proposed 29-in rows by switching one Main Cabin Extra row with one Main Cabin.

“As we’ve said before, we’re looking at the same configuration for our current 737-800 as well,” said American Airlines.

The Ft. Worth-based carrier is set to receive its first Boeing 737 MAX in this upcoming fall, which will be deployed mostly on North American routes.

No Seat-back Entertainment Either

In addition, American Airlines will not install seat-back entertainment screens on its Boeing 737 MAX fleet. Instead, the Dallas/Ft. Worth-based carrier will offer free entertainment, which will be available to passengers on their electronic devices. Seatback IFE’s already installed will be removed overtime as well.

The airline will provide a library of movies and TV shows, as well as live TV. Customers who buy Internet will be able to stream video content, as the 737 MAX will feature satellite Internet from ViaSat. Read More

American Airlines to Discard Seat-Back Screens on its Boeing 737 MAX