MIAMI – Over two years after breaking ground, the state-of-the-art Amazon Air (MZN) Hub at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) came into operation on August 11.

The 800,000-ft2 facility, ideally located to serve Amazon customers all over the country, has welcomed the first of a 2,000-strong workforce that will bring the US$1.5bn for the e-commerce giant into full swing.

Some Amazon employees will transfer from other facilities while others, totally new to the job, will learn how to work and begin a new career at the new site.

A State-of-the-art Hub

Also welcomed was the first Amazon-branded aircraft, the first to roll over the brand new ramp facility. By the end of 2021, the Amazon Air Hub, which spans over 600 acres, will process a dozen flights daily and millions of packages every week.

The new hub is equipped with the latest robotics technology to treat and move packages, like mobile drive units, ergonomic workstations ensuring a comfortable environment for agents, and Amazon’s “Robin robotic arm” able to autonomously inject packages onto robotic drives.

Amazon’s Robin Robotic Arm autonomously injects packages onto robotic drives. Photo: Amazon

Planned Sustainability

The facility was conceived from the very beginning with a precise goal of sustainability. Next year, a solar panels rooftop installation is meant to directly inject power into the local community electrical grid, the first and only installation of this king within Amazon.

The CGV hub will participate in an interconnected network of over 40 locations where Amazon Air operates and will permit rapid transfers of goods across the US. Amazon Air wants to see this new facility as a “reflection of operational excellence” and a way to “best service our customers’ needs.”

Article sourced from Amazon Air Press Release

Featured image: Amazon Prim Boeing 767-300BDSF N397AZ. Photo: Mateo Skinner/Airways