First Embraer E190 for Myanmar Airways International. Photo: Embraer

LONDON – Myanmar Airways International’s (8M) first E190 commenced operations from Yangon, operating four flights throughout the day.

In addition, 8M’s second E190 is due to arrive in the country on December 23, 2020, and the airline will expand its E190 routes to include nine destinations across the country by upgauging, an airline industry technique enabling air carriers to increase capacity by adding seats to existing jets and replacing smaller planes with larger ones, from the turboprops used by its sister airline Air KBZ.

The company has also signed on for Embraer’s Pool Program, a program enrolled by all E-Jet operators in Asia Pacific. There are now four new E-Jet operators in Asia Pacific since the start of 2020.

Photo: Embraer

Statement Myanmar Airways International

Saravanan Ramasamy, Chief Executive Officer of 8M, said, “Our pilots, cabin crew, maintenance crew and our staff are proud to take 8M’s E190 to the skies and to serve our passengers with an enhanced flying experience.”

“We look forward to a productive partnership with Embraer. The operation of the E190 marks yet another important milestone in 8M’s fleet expansion strategy and domestic jet network growth. As the demand grows, we plan to scale up the frequency of our E190 operations to eight flights a day.”

Photo: Embraer

Statement from Embraer

Raul Villaron, Asia Pacific Vice President for Embraer Commercial Aviation, said, “The commencement of 8M’s E190 flights will enhance connectivity in Myanmar.”

“The airline will benefit from the performance and efficiency of the aircraft and generous cargo capacity. Passengers will appreciate the comfort in the cabin. 8M can operate with full confidence that our excellent service and support team are here to support them.”

Featured image: First Embraer E190 for Myanmar Airways International. Photo: Embraer