BA's 25th 787 Dreamliner, G-ZBJI. Photo courtesy of British Airways

LONDON – British Airways (BA) stated that a further 185,000 customers may have had their credit card information stolen from the data breach that the airline suffered earlier this year.

The airline said back in September that a massive data breach occurred on its website and mobile app, originally affecting up to 380,000 people.

The data breaches occurred between August 21 and September 1, 2018.

The airline’s CEO, Alex Cruz, said that that the carrier would fully compensate those affected passengers.

This time, British Airways said that hackers may have also stolen personal data in an attack between April 21 and July 2 this year.

In a statement, the carrier outlined the actions passengers need to take. “While we do not have conclusive evidence that the data was removed from British Airways’ systems, we are taking a prudent approach in notifying potentially affected customers, advising them to contact their bank or card provider as a precaution.”

“Customers who are not contacted by British Airways by Friday 26 October at 1700 GMT do not need to take any action.”

The carrier said it was notifying up to 77,000 people that weren’t previously contacted.

Names, billing addresses, card payment information, including card number, expiry date and security codes have all been potentially compromised.

British Airways did say, however, as a slight positive that out of the 380,000 passengers that were in jeopardy in September, only 244,000 were actually affected.

Also, no verified cases of fraud had been recorded as a result of these hacks.

Belatedly, British Airways said that it will offer credit rating monitoring to customers who are concerned about an impact to their credit scores.

It seems that the damage continues for British Airways. It also begs the question of whether more customers are yet to be affected from this breach or not. Only time will tell.