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MIAMI – Malaysia Airlines (MH) and Japan Airlines (JL) have announced today that they will start a business partnership on July 25 to enhance their Malaysia and Japan services.

With the promise of offering passengers the “best travel experience” through this joint business, MH and JL said in the statement that they expect to strengthen their business models through the partnership

Airlines’ promotion to launch four weekly services alongside flights resumption to Japan. Photo: Malaysia Airlines.

Combined Schedule for July

As the Malaysian carrier is set to resume flights to Japan this month, both companies will combine their offer to operate four weekly flights between Kuala Lumpur-Tokyo Narita starting in July and continuing in August.

The services also encompass the highest standards on safety and hygiene procedures during COVID-19 times, added the carriers. Consequently, the companies have adjusted their processes in check-in, boarding, and arrival.

Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200 JA773J. Photo: Alvin Man.

Benefits for MH and JL business model

The joint venture will not only benefit the commercial performance of airlines but also their shared practices and responsibilities, as MH and JL are “in line with a sustainable business model” in long-haul frequencies.

MH and JL strategy seeks to establish a “travel bubble” between the two countries after they had conversations with involved governments, according to MH Group CEO, Captain Izham Ismail.

Captain Ismail stated that the announcement that will no doubt upgrade commerce, trade, and tourism comes with a delay, as both territories had travel restrictions in past months.

On his part, JL President, Yuji Akasaka said that the expanded relationship between both airlines will perform under the highest standards and with hospitality in mind to enhance the experience of their mutual passengers.