MIAMI – As demand for passenger travel goes up after the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysia Airlines (MH) is ensuring that there are extensive safety measures in place across its operations.

The company in charge of MH, the Malaysian Aviation Group, announced its “Fly Confidently” campaign, which seeks to heighten awareness on the health initiatives taken by the firm.

The campaign comes as Malaysia Airlines, Firefly, and MASwings take to the skies once again as domestic travel bookings have spiked since last month’s re-opening.

Malaysia Airlines A330 | Photo: © Flox Papa via Wikipedia Commons

Health Measures

Passengers can check for travel advisories on the MH website, change any bookings they made before June 30, 2020 and check-in ahead of time on their website to reduce contact via surfaces at the airport.

In the terminal, high-touch areas will frequently be sanitized, floor markers will indicate social distancing and barriers will limit contact with staff in select airports.

Temperature checks and document verification will be completed before boarding. The boarding process will be carried out with small groups boarding to minimize crowding in jet bridges.

All passengers will be required to wear a mask on-board except during meal times. HEPA Air Filters on board will filter 99.97% of viruses and bacteria in the air and lavatories will be cleaned many times during flights.

Cabin crew will wear necessary PPE to protect themselves and passengers. | Photo: © Malaysia Airlines

Positive Outlook for Malaysia Airlines

The airline is confident in its safety precautions, which were recommended by ICAO, the WHO, IATA, and the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. Malaysia Aviation Group CEO, Captain Izham Ismail said:

“The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and employees are important to us. Hence, we introduced the Fly Confidently campaign to educate the traveling public on the health and safety measures that we have put in place to travel safely from pre-flight right up to arrival.”

“Under this campaign, we produced a series of communication resources such as infographics, travel checklist, and advisories which are available on our website,” said the CEO.

Ismail added, “Passengers can also refer to these materials to understand the steps they can take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The video launched today is the latest addition to our campaign and was produced in-house by our MAG talents.

It details a step-by-step walkthrough of a passenger journey from home with contactless check-in via our mobile app or website, followed by the enhanced safety and health measures we have adopted at the airport and on board our flights.”

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380. | Airways Magazine File Photo

Prevention Across The Board

The four-minute video (below) showcases a passenger’s journey on departure or arrival in Kuala Lumpur. It was released on the MH social media platforms and aims to demonstrate the extensive precautions which the airline is taking.

Malaysia Airlines is taking hygiene very seriously across its carriers. The prevention of a second-wave of COVID-19 is critical and in the hands of major airlines to take safe precautions like the ones MH will be taking.

Their ‘Fly Confidently’ webpage is linked here which includes a downloadable leaflet and checklist for prospective passengers to adhere to before their flights.

Fly Confidently Malaysia Airlines Video