MIAMI – Regional airline group Mesa Air Group has announced it will be adding five additional Bombardier CRJ-900s into American Airlines (AA) Capacity Purchase Agreement, aviation portal Aviator reported on December 29.

According to the portal, “the amendment will see Mesa pick up flying at the beginning of 2021 over and above its new CPA levels, increasing to a total of five incremental aircraft by March,” while AA will retain “the option to withdraw any of these incremental aircraft upon 60 days’ prior notice.”

Mesa Air Group Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Brad Rich told the portal that the group appreciated “the opportunity to add this additional capacity at the request of American Airlines,” adding that Mesa remains “optimistic about our relationship with American Airlines and are well prepared to respond positively to future opportunities.”

Image Courtesy of Bombardier

Mesa Air Group during COVID-19

Mesa Air Group operates one regional airline subsidiary: Mesa Airlines (YV) which operates as American Eagle and United Express under contractual agreements with AA and United Airlines (UA) respectively.

In March of this year, YV decided to suspend all new hire training, allowing all new hires to return home as per an internal memo. This means that some YV employees were, in effect, furloughed, according to a YV employee who contacted Airways.

Mesa Airlines Senior Vice President, Flight Operations, Brad Holt address YV staff in an email in May, stating, “As you know, the entire industry has been significantly disrupted by the pandemic, and Mesa Airlines is no exception. Because of COVID-19 and the effect it has already had on the company, unfortunately, we must extend your furlough until further notice.”

Featured image: Luke Ayers/Airways