MIAMI – Mango Air (JE), which is set to cease operations on May 1, has been met with more urgent troubles today, April 28, when ACSA (Airports Corporation South Africa) closed all its airports to JE, compelling the carrier to immediately ground all its flights.

According to different media outlets such as BizNews, CapeTalk and The SouthAfrican, JE failed to pay fees at airports managed by ACSA, which in return denied landing permission to the Airline. On the other side, JE claimed not “owning millions to ACSA” and tweeted its customers indicating that flights would resume tomorrow when the matter was solved.

Ceasing of Operations

On another subject concerning JE’s viability, AirlineGeeks reports that the airline is set to cease operations on May 1 due to a difficult financial situation and awaiting government aid. Mango Air Board and the interim body governing parent airline South African Airways (SA), have come to the conclusion of putting JE under debt protection awaiting rescue from the State.

“We engaged with all the creditors and requested that we be given up until January 2021 to settle what is due…However, due to reasons unknown to us, we did not receive the funds…" William Ndlovu, Mango Air CEO Click To Tweet

Mango Air CEO, William Ndlovu, commented on the situation by saying “ We engaged the relevant stakeholders and were told to wait, maybe in February 2021, the money will come, and we are now In April, with no sign of money. At the beginning of April 2021, we were then informed that Mango will only receive funds in June 2021. This put Mango in a difficult situation as it relates to further extension from the creditors who could not wait any longer to be paid.”

As a result, the aircraft lessor entered the dance and requested to JE that, unless dues were settled, all aircraft be grounded until the financial situation is solved. The lessor’s request compelled the airline to cease all flights effective May 1 awaiting to resume services once rescue money is finally received.

Mango Air operates a fleet of 11 Boeing 737-800, all under lease agreement, out of which six are stored.

Featured image: Mango Air Boeing 737-800 ZS-SJA – Photo: Michael Combrink/Airways