LONDON – Manchester Airport (MAN) announced the introduction of a Stobart Air (RE) service to Belfast City Airport (BHD) from September 14, 2020.

Stobart Air (RE), operator of Aer Lingus Regional (EI), will also base five ATR72-600 aircraft at BHD.

The route will run four daily return flights from MAN to BHD. EI, operated by RE, operates three routes from Manchester including Dublin, Cork, and now Belfast City.

The carrier has a fleet of 15 aircraft servicing Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry, and Donegal airports in Ireland. The fleet also operates across 13 United Kingdom airports.

These key routes improve connectivity, choice, and flexibility for both business and leisure travelers.

Stobart Air ATR72-600 reg. EI-FSL taking off from Manchester Airport (MAN).
Photo: Aero Pixels

MAN-BHD Flight Schedule

The flight schedule is as follows:

Monday – Saturday 
AirportDeparture timeAirportArrival time
AirportDeparture timeAirportArrival time
Daily excluding Saturday 
AirportDeparture timeAirportArrival time
Daily excluding Saturday
AirportDeparture timeAirportArrival time
AerLingus Airbus A321-253NX reg. EI-LRA taxing.

Statement from MAN Aviation Director

Julian Carr, MAN Aviation Director says, “It’s great to see that flights to BHD will return to MAN, giving our passengers greater choice and flexibility when accessing the capital of Northern Ireland. I imagine they will be extremely popular with both leisure and business passengers looking to access the city.”

Carr also adds, “Furthermore, the flights will also provide excellent onward connectivity for the people of Northern Ireland, who will have easy access to our international long haul network.”

Stobart Air ATR72-600 reg. EI-REH on final at Glasgow Airport. (GLA). Photo: Mark Harkin

Statement from Stobart Air Managing Director

Andy Jolly, RE Managing Director said, “As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, RE has been challenged and we have worked hard over the past number of months to protect our airline and to position us for the future, once restrictions ease and passenger demand increases.”

“Working with BHD and MAN, along with our partners, EI we are pleased to establish a base at Belfast City to service flights to Manchester. High frequency day-return flights from MAN to BHD will cater for both business and leisure travellers for direct, convenient and cost-effective flights.”

Jolly also said, “We continuously strive to provide our passengers with frequent, convenient, and affordable services. We look forward to welcoming our passengers on board this new route from Manchester from 14 September.”

AerLingus Regional, operated by Stobart Air, ATR72-600 reg. EI-FAT on the takeoff run at Bristol Airport. Photo: Adrian Pingstone

Enhanced Health and Safety Measures

The airline is following guidance from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

As a result, it has implemented a number of enhanced health and safety measures to protect staff, Crew, and passengers.

AerLingus Regional, operated by Stobart Air, ATR 72-600 reg. EI-FAT landing at Newcastle Airport. Photo: Colin Gregory

Enhanced Aircraft Cleaning

To ensure the wellbeing of our passengers and crew, RE added enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures to the existing aircraft cleaning schedule for aircraft cabins.

Each aircraft, including seats, armrests and tray tables will be subject to a daily disinfection process which provides surface protection from viruses for 24 hours.

Stobart Air ATR72-600 reg. EI-FSK taxing. Photo: WikiCommons

Onboard Safety Measures

Face coverings or masks are mandatory on all flights operated by Stobart Air for customers and cabin crew respectively, with the exception of small children and those who are unable to wear a face mask for medical reasons.

The face coverings can be in the form of a reusable cloth mask or a disposable mask and it is recommended that these are worn from the time passengers enter the departure airport to the time they leave their destination airport.

Initially, when flights resume, the in-flight service will be suspended to reduce interaction between our crew and passengers. Passengers will be encouraged to remain seated while on board.

Photo: Wiki Commons

Social Distancing Procedures at The Airport

Finally, Stobart Air has introduced new boarding and disembarkation procedures to reduce passenger interaction. Passengers will board and disembark the aircraft in small groups and according to seat row numbers.

At the boarding gate, customers will scan their own boarding card and show their passport or ID to the staff member, making this process contactless.