LONDON – Malaysia Airlines (MH) is the latest carrier ready to withdraw in the coming months all of its six Airbus A380s left in its fleet.

CEO Izham Ismail said, “We are cognizant of the challenges to selling this airplane, but we are still looking at ways and means to dispose of our A380 fleet. At the moment, the management is convinced that the A380 doesn’t fit the future plan.”

Malaysia Airlines was the last carrier to receive the type, with the first unit delivered in 2012 and the last delivered in 2013, the latter being the 100th A380 produced. All six A380s are configured in three classes: open first class suites, with 66 business class seats (in an outdated 2-2-2 layout) on the upper deck and 420 economy seats spread across both decks.

The feasibility of the aircraft within MH has always been questioned, and at various stages over the past few years has led the airline to consider selling the double-decker jets or turning them into a separate airline companion.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Boeing

737 MAX Deliveries Starting in 2024

The Malaysia Aviation Group, a relative of MH, said on Tuesday it will take delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX starting in 2024. Izham Ismail said, “We’re committed to taking the MAX’s delivery in 2024, but we are also exploring the possibility of taking it earlier.”

The MAG group was supposed to receive the 737 MAXs in July of last year, but due to the imposed ban, deliveries were been postponed. The group finalized the order for the supply on July 27, 2016: the initial order foresaw the supply of 25 Boeing 737 MAX 8, which has increased to 50 between MAX 8 and MAX 9.

Featured image: Malaysia Airlines 9M-MNF Airbus A380-841 Photo: Phil Wilco/Airways