MIAMI – Malawian flag carrier Malawi Airlines (3W), owned jointly by the Government and Ethiopian Airlines (ET), is set to be back in operations, according to the Nyasa Times, after obtaining an undisclosed bailout from the majority stakeholder. The Malawian government has a 51% stake in the carrier.

The airline has confirmed to its customers that operations will resume in June 2021 with services to Nairobi (NBO), Lusaka (LUN) Dar es Salaam (DAR), Harare (HRE), and, according to the 3W website, Johannesburg (JNB). From its last schedule, it appears that services are to originate from both Lilongwe (LLW) and Blantyre (BLZ).

Malawi Airlines Boeing 737-800 ET-APL – Photo : Malawi Airlines via Facebook

Insolvency Issues

3W insolvency stems out of the crisis linked operations stoppage, travel restrictions, and worldwide lockdows and a consequent loss of revenues hile fixed costs continued to accrue.

"The bailout follows an agreement…to recapitalize the national flag carrier after the Board of directors had earlier declared the airline technically insolvent." George Partridge, Malawi Airlines Chairman Click To Tweet

The Chairman of the Board applauded the shareholders “for their wise and timely decision to bail out the national airline, effectively allowing the airline, to resume flights to destinations such as Dar es Salaam [a major city and commercial port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast], Nairobi, Lusaka, and Harare.”

Featured image: Malawi Airlines Boeing 737-800 ET-APL. Photo:, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons