MIAMI – Lufthansa (LH) pulls the Airbus A380 entirely out of its Frankfurt base as it is no longer viable “logistically and economically” to operate in two locations.

Following the last return flights, LH placed a pause on its 14 A380, half of which are already parked in Teruel, Spain. As learned for the first time from corporate circles on Wednesday, LH was only planning to partially reactivate the fleet with seven aircraft at the Munich hub.

“After considering various criteria and against the premise of making Lufthansa competitive in the long term, the company decided that the A380 will only be used from Munich in the future,” a Lufthansa spokesman confirmed the plans to

“The Munich A380 will remain parked, the option to reactivate it will still be available for Munich,” said the spokesman.

Lufthansa flight LH414 arrives from Munich. (Credits: Author)

Two bases unviable amid expected low passenger demand

Operating the A380 at both locations was “logistically and economically no longer responsible in the future” after the pandemic created short and longer-term new conditions and as the crisis is having a full impact on the four-engine aircraft, according to LH.

Lufthansa also points to a clearly deteriorated demand expectation, as it says that according to its current planning, “a total of 100 aircraft will be permanently shut down in 2023, which will have a particular impact on the future of our A380.”

In the run-up to the crisis, the company started dismantling the sub-fleet of eight aircraft as Airbus plans to trade in six Lufthansa A380 in 2022 and 2023. LH CEO Carsten Spohr expects that the German airline will use 300 fewer aircraft next year than it did before the crisis.