MIAMI – As part of its fleet renewal process, Lufthansa (LH) announced today that they had ordered five Airbus A350s and five Boeing 787s.

The fleet renewal will result in 175 modern aircraft being added to the airline’s fleet. 

Although the airline already operates 17 Airbus A350s, the Boeing 787 will be a new aircraft type in its fleet. 

The airline negotiated a deal with the aircraft manufacturer to purchase five Boeing 787s that were already manufactured. 

The first Boeing 787 is slated to be delivered as early as winter of next year. In total, the airline has 45 Boeing aircraft on order, including the 787 and 777-9X. 

Lufthansa’s 45 Airbus A350-900s on order, on the other hand, will be delivered beginning in 2027 and 2028.

The aircraft order comes as the airline announced the reduction of its workforce by an additional 10,000.

Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Which Aircraft Will They Replace?

Lufthansa’s aging fleet, including Airbus A340s, Boeing 747-400s and now retired Airbus A380s. 

With an average age of 21 years, the airline’s Airbus A340s are due for an upgrade. According to the airline, the new Boeing 787s and A350s will be a direct replacement for the A340s. 

However, the airline’s retirement of the Airbus A380s and some Boeing 747s will leave a capacity gap for its long haul routes when the travel industry recovers. 

Lufthansa’s remaining Boeing 747-8s and A340s will need to cover the airline’s vast long haul fleet while awaiting new aircraft deliveries. 

Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

Executive’s Comments

Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, said, “Even in these challenging times, we are continuing to invest in a more modern, more efficient and a lower emission Lufthansa Group fleet. 

He continued, “At the same time, we are pushing ahead with the modernization of our long-haul fleet even faster than planned prior to the coronavirus pandemic due to anti cyclical opportunities.”

Featured Image: John Leivaditis/Airways