MIAMI – Lufthansa (LH) will make available its newest product, the ‘Sleeper’s Row’ for a trial period on the Frankfurt-São Paulo route (flights LH 506/507).

In essence, passengers flying in Economy Class have now the option to book an adjacent row of seats – from 3 to 4 seats – to lie down comfortably and have a good night of sleep while flying. The Sleeper’s Row option must be purchased at the airport, during check-in or at the boarding gate.

Lufthansa new economy class. Photo: Lufthansa

How It Works

On top of the additional comfort and personal space, passengers will also be entitled to priority boarding and will receive from LH crew a topper, a blanket and a pillow in Business Class quality.

The carrier states that the number of Sleeper’s Rows offered is limited per flight and will be occupied by the sequence of passengers that show their interest to LH’s ground staff.

Featured image: Lufthansa Economy Class. Photo: Lufthansa