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Lufthansa Group Orders Six A320neo Aircraft

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Lufthansa Group Orders Six A320neo Aircraft

Lufthansa Group Orders Six A320neo Aircraft
May 28
16:51 2018

LONDON – The Lufthansa Group has exercised its option to acquire six further Airbus A320neo aircraft.

The latest agreement brings the group’s order count of the aircraft type to 122, totaling 77 A320neos and 45 A321neos.

On top of this, Lufthansa signed an order for an additional three A320ceo aircraft, bringing the total order count of the CEO variant to 273.

With this, the German carrier will increase its count to 395 A320 family aircraft on order.

Based on list prices (as of January 2018) of the collective A320 ceo and neo variants, this will add $1,077.2 million into Airbus’ books.

Joining A Giant A320 Operator

The destination of these planes remains unclear.

The group, led by Lufthansa, is also incorporated by Swiss, Austrian, Brussels, and Eurowings, all of which are sound Airbus operators.

“We are delighted to see this additional order from our biggest A320 operator Lufthansa Group”, says Eric Schulz, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer.

“Benefitting from the Airbus commonality and the A320 Family’s efficiency and environmental credentials such as reduced noise, lower fuel-burn, and emissions, we are pleased the airline has decided to come back for more.”

As these planes join the group’s fleet, the airline will experience up to 15% worth of fuel savings at delivery and up to 20% by 2020.

These aircraft will now join the more than 6,000 orders from 100 different customers for the A320neo since its launch in 2010 with the overall family variant capturing up to 60% share of the market.

The aircraft that they are to receive will replace the group’s older variants.

The +300 aircraft that the group has on order will enable them to grow in the different markets across Europe and establish a level of competition through lower unit costs and fares for fliers.


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