MIAMI – Lufthansa (LH) will now offer sleeping rows on its economy class cabin for long-haul flights to São Paulo, Los Angeles and Singapore.

The airline had tested this concept late last year which was called the ‘sofa bed’ on the Frankfurt–Sao Paulo sector operated by the Boeing 747-8. Passengers who traveled on these flights had an optional offer to book the so-called sleeping row.

The trial run for this new product has given fair results and has made LH officially offer this service for flights of 11+ hours.

Starting August 2 of this year, Passengers can avail this facility but only while checking in or at the airport gate. Booking will not be available. 

Image: Lufthansa

Sofa Bed Routes

The whole row of seats along with pillows, blankets, and also a topper mattress. A special safety belt will also be given. The cost of this service is to be tagged at around €200 one way.

The “sofa bed” will be offered on long-haul flights to South/East Asia, US West Coast, Southern Africa, and South America.  e Far East, the west coast of the USA, Central, and South America, or southern Africa. It is not possible to reserve in advance.

The German airline now offers rows of sleep in Economy Class on flights of around eleven hours or more. Bookings are made at check-in or the gate.

Featured image: Lufthansa D-ABYG Boeing 747-8. Photo: Misael Ocasio Hernandez/Airways