PHOTO: Lufthansa Group.

Our friend Seth Miller, who doesn’t care about liveries, discovered that it seems as if Lufthansa had realized their livery was not reading correctly.

The old livery was, shockingly, too dark—especially in adverse weather conditions. Something that Germany is no stranger to.

It’s almost like the entire internet, except sycophants and those that embrace change for the sake of change, predicted this.

Miller points out something I missed, probably because I didn’t go looking for photos of the new livery unless I was insomniac.

You can’t actually see the crane now that it’s silver. It looks somewhat like a silver blob in the distance. That doesn’t say Lufthansa!

That says white airliner besot by an indistinctly dark empennage with a silver blob. Impeccable branding!

So, did we really win? Did Lufthansa give up and forget about this insanity?


If you were expecting them to back down so easily, you forgot who you were dealing with.

So, what did they do?


If you read the quote over on Seth’s article, it was ambiguous.

They could have changed the blue and make the crane more legible. Alternatively, we can read this section of the quote very carefully.

Additionally we will also design a version which can combine the Lufthansa Group word mark with the crane logo. The combination of Lufthansa Group with the crane [logo] will then be used in clearly specified constellations [combinations].

Thing is it’s very rare for any company to come out and say. “This isn’t working.”

So early into the branding life cycle, Especially outwardly. And, because of that – they didn’t.

Delta changes their livery all the time, subtly.

Some airlines, like Delta, subtly change things about their livery all the time with no announcements. They added a branded belly. Made things have more of a shine. There was no communication with an outward focus saying “we blew it, now we’re doing something.”

A day or two ago, some photos on the internet surfaced showing a “new blue.” I was suspicious, as they looked the exact same, just with different photoshop settings.

Turns out, my suspicions were justified.

It gets weirder

There’s no actual change. The Blue has merely been optimized.

What I wish would happen

I never liked this livery much, but now I think it’s great compared to the new one. Let’s just forget this whole event ever happened.

TAAG did it. Air India has. A lot of airlines looked at paint jobs in-situ and just said: “Nope, never mind.”

At least Lufthansa didn’t change their slogan to “Catch the Wave!”

We at Airways will, of course, keep you up to date on the saga of Lufthansa and the lousy livery as it goes on.

That’s why, on Monday morning (May 28), we’ll unveil an exclusive of “how things might have gone instead.”

Make sure you tune in!