MIAMI — Lufthansa has created a unique promotion to show off its new U.S. regional menu that will be served in first and business class flights out of 17 cities going to Germany.

The Taste of America began its drive on October 7 in New York City. It will end up in Los Angeles on October 21, with stops in Charlotte, North Carolina, Miami, Atlanta and Dallas. Each location will have a space next to the truck that will recreate Lufthansa’s premium dining experience for up to 200 people, complete with white tablecloths, red roses and ambient music.

The airline is using social media to promote the event, with a Facebook page, on YouTube, Instagram and via Twitter using the #TasteOfAmerica hashtag. It has invited the public to share images and stories about food traditions that celebrate their home state and is giving one person the chance to win two round-trip tickets.


Alison Russo is Lufthansa’s social media marketing manager in the U.S. “We wanted to do something to showcase Lufthansa’s Taste of America menus because this is a unique culinary undertaking for the airline.  We toyed with the idea of a pop up restaurant to replicate our onboard fine dining experience, but did not want to be limited to a single location,” she said. “Food trucks serving unique and unexpected foods – not your run-of-the-mill street food – have become increasingly popular.  We knew creating our own custom Taste of America food truck was the perfect opportunity to share a moveable feast.”

All of the selections served from the Taste of America food truck are items from Lufthansa’s current inflight menus, said Russo. Among the selections featured on the truck are coffee and ancho chili dusted beef filet, soda pop braised short ribs and pumpkin ravioli.

First Class Interkont, Claus Peter Lumpp, Juli / August 2014
First Class Interkont, Claus Peter Lumpp, Juli / August 2014

“The concept was developed in partnership with LSG Sky Chefs, the Lufthansa Group’s catering division,” said Russo. “As we do when selecting Lufthansa’s inflight menus, we let the expert chefs from LSG determine which menu items fit best in the food truck environment.”

Lufthansa wanted to include all of its guests, followers and fans on this journey, said Russo. “For anyone who cannot see or visit Lufthansa’s ‘Taste of America’ truck in person we still want them be as excited as we are about the regional menus, so the accompanying social media campaign invites everyone to share their own #TasteofAmerica with photos of their favorite local ingredients or cuisine.”

“From ground products, such as award-winning airport lounges, and onboard offerings, including the new premium economy that is launching in December, Lufthansa goes to great lengths to create a quality travel experience engineered around our guests,” said Russo. “We are excited to be sharing a taste of that experience with current customers as well as people who are not yet familiar with Lufthansa.”