MIAMI – Medium and short-haul cargo demand is on the rise and Lufthansa Group (LH), thru its Cargo Division, is to take advantage of the expanding market by deploying new all-cargo medium-haul aircraft to be stationed in Frankfurt (FRA).

To do so, LH is permanently converting two of its Airbus A321 from passenger to freighter and start offering additional European capacity from the beginning of 2022. The converted aircraft will be equipped with a cargo door so to enable loads of pallets and containers on the main deck. The converted aircraft will fly under the LH CityLine brand on behalf of LH Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo counts on an eCommerce growth of approximately 20% per year, and to last for the coming five years, with cargo customers expecting reduced delivery of goods resulting in an increased necessity of intra-European freight connections.

Lufthansa Cargo Division Boeing 777F D-ALFG. Photo: Luca Flores/Airways

Comments from Lufthansa Cargo, CityLine

Dorothea von Boxberg, LH Cargo CEO, commented on the new aircraft by saying, “With the converted A321s, we are meeting our customers’ growing demand for same-day solutions and further strengthening our dense network of global connections as well as our product offering.”

"Lufthansa Cargo wants to offer customers in the eCommerce segment fast intra-European connections." Dorothea von Boxberg, Lufthansa Cargo CEO Click To Tweet

Steffen Harbarth, Managing Director of LH CityLine also intervened and stated, “With more than 60 years of experience in European air transport, Lufthansa CityLine stands for reliable and efficient operations as an important partner in the Lufthansa Group. Flexibility in operations and speed in identifying and implementing new opportunities are the foundation of our business. We want to use these qualities to serve Lufthansa Cargo and its customers.”

The converted A321s (A321P2F) have a payload of 28 tons, a range of 3500km (1890nm), and can load standard LD7 pallets (88″x125″) or an equivalent container.

Article source: Lufthansa cargo Press release

Featured image: Lufthansa Airrbus A321 D-AISQ. Photo: AQlberto Cucini/Airways