Boeing, LOT Polish Airlines celebrated the delivery of the carrier's 737 MAX. The airplane is seen here departing Boeing's delivery center in Seattle. (Paul Gordon photo). (PRNewsfoto/Boeing)

MIAMI – LOT Polish Airlines (LO) announced during its weekly report, that most domestics flights will be operated without disruptions until June 30, 2020.

The airline will operate most of the domestic routes from Warsaw-Chopin (WAW), the flights forecasted are:

  • WAW -Krakow (KRK)
  • WAW – Poznan (POZ)
  • WAW- Rzeszow (RZE)
  • WAW – Szczecin (SZZ)
  • WAW – Wroclaw (WRO)
  • WAW – Zielona Gora (IEG)

Furthermore, LO will also operate domestic flights from some of the main cities in Poland, connecting:

  • Krakow(KRK) – Gdansk(GDN)
  • Krakow(KRK) – Olsztyn Mazury(SZY)
  • Rzeszów(RZE) – Gdansk(GDN)
PHOTO: Wikimedia.

International Flights Update

Following the unstable situation on the aviation markets and restrictions applied mostly due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus by Poland Government and worldwide, all international flights operated by LO and its subsidiaries scheduled from June 15 to June 30, 2020, have been canceled.

SP-LSC seen rolling out of the factory. PHOTO: LOT Polish Airlines

Inflight Protection Measures

LOT Polish Airlines, to protect its costumers from possible inflight contagions, will continue to provide safety measures called: #FlySafeFlyLOT.

The following measures include the sanitization of all the passengers’ reachable surfaces with special solutions to kill possible viruses that may remain.

Furthermore, passengers have to wear masks on board and are invited to do Online Check-in to reduce to a minimum human-to-human contact.

A New Dreamliner in The Fleet

The Warsaw-based company received on June 1, 2020, the seventh new Boeing 787-9 registered SP-LSG its main hub WAW.

The new type will expand LO’s long haul fleets to 15 aircraft with two Boeing 789 still to be delivered.

Source: LOT Polish Airline Group

Only Cargo Operations in the Near Future?

During the pandemic, LO only operated cargo operations with its passengers Boeing 788 and B Boeing 789 to several airports around the globe from the main hub.

The flights already announced are the following:

Source:LOT Polish Airline Cargo Network

On April 27, 2020, Reuters reported that LOT was in talks with Boeing to find a solution to modify a few Boeing 789 from its passenger version to the cargo Boeing 789(F).

This seems to be confirmed by LO’s Spokerson Michal Czernicki, who said, “We are in talks with the aircraft manufacturer about … adapting the passenger aircraft (Dreamliner) to cargo transport.”

This decision has been taken to limit the financial loss and using some of the grounded Boeing 787 aircraft to another profitable sector of aviation.

Bottom Line

LOT Polish Airlines, following the developments of the restriction measures applied by different countries around the world, will resume its international network soon enough.

Among 78 aircraft divided into 15 Long-Haul jets, 45 Medium Range jets, and 13 regional turboprops, LO is looking forward to providing its service to guests and to other Star Alliance companies as soon as possible.

Certainly, this difficult period has halted LO to continue with its expansion projects; however, the company is continuing to invest and keep the highest level of employment as it is still financially stable.

In addition to the developments regarding passenger flights, LO is trying to set up and develop the cargo business by creating its own fully cargo company with its Boeing 787.

Stay tuned to Airways for further updates on LOT Polish Airline in the following weeks.