LONDON – The Deutsche Lufthansa Group (LH) ordered 20 Boeing 777-9X along with an option for 14 new Triple seven. Boeing confirmed in 2019 that LH was the launch customer. The first of twenty will be registered as D-ABTA.

Lufthansa is still expecting to take delivery of its first Boeing 777X aircraft next year. The news comes after Emirates (EK) commented that it now does not expect the first Boeing 777X until 2022.

The first 777X delivery was to take place this summer. However, delays meant the aircraft did not make its first flight until January this year.

Boeing 777x production line in Everett (SEA). Lufthansa (LH) is the launch customer. In this photo you see the first 777x fuselage for LH registered as D-ABTA Photo: Lufthansa

Comments from Lufthansa and Boeing

A Boeing spokesperson said that Boeing was working closely with its customers across the business as the company continues to adapt to the evolving COVID-19 situation. “We continue to execute our robust test program for the 777-9, which began flight testing in January.”

“As we prepare the third airplane for flight in the coming weeks, we remain pleased with the progress we are making and with the airplane, which will deliver the efficiency and passenger experience our customers expect.”

A Lufthansa spokesperson confirmed to that as things stand, the first 777X delivery is on course for the beginning of 2021.

The spokesperson said, “Regarding the delivery of the Boeing 777X to Lufthansa, we are in constant contact with Boeing and of course we are adapting to the new situation, as the first delivery has been delayed to the beginning of 2021.”

Lufthansa First Class inside a Boeing 777-9x. Photo: Lufthansa

What We Expect from The First Class

Lufthansa’s first Boeing 777-9 is being hotly anticipated by fans of the airline.

Like British Airways (BA) did with the Airbus A350, LH is due to debut its brand new business class cabin on these new aircraft. Additionally, again similar to the BA A350, these aircraft will not come with a first-class cabin, at least not initially.

The 777-9 is known for its unique feature among commercial passenger aircraft: its folding wingtips. This allows the plane to increase its wingspan when they are lowered before take-off.

Boeing 777-9x wingtips. Photo: Lufthansa