MIAMI – Lufthansa (LH) expects the crisis to ease, a trend confirmed by a massive jump in reservations, triggering a recall of parked LH aircraft.

During an interview with the Westdeutches Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), LH CEO, Harry Hohmeister, commented that “the bookings have been growing steadily for eight weeks” adding that last week saw a significant increase, the strongest since April 2020. In particular, flights in July and August are showing a demand ten to eleven times higher than a month ago.

"Bookings have been growing steadily for eight weeks." Harry Hohmeister, Lufthansa CEO Click To Tweet
Lufthansa Airbus 320-200 D-AIZX – Photo : Alberto Cucini/Airways

Up to 50 Aircraft back in the Skies

Seeing the pent-up demand finally seeing a summer boom thanks in part to the worldwide rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, with air travel demand numbers even higher than in pre-COVID times in some cases, LH says it is reactivating 30 to 50 mothballed aircraft in the coming weeks with hopes to exit the COVID-19 doldrums that saw demand collapse to 10% of what it was pre-crisis.

While the Airbus A380 may not return to service as of yet, LH, Europe’s largest airline, is able to respond swiftly to any increase in demand with its fleet. On this subject, LH CEO said, “we are very flexible in our planning and we can quickly offer sufficient capacity” and pointed out that the carrier was able to fly the superjumbo jets on a route that has a high demand with 370 passengers aircraft instead of with a single-aisle type carrying only 180 travelers.

Harry Hohmeister also said that, unless a common health credential system is put into place, the summer travel season would be rather inconvenient for travelers. Unfortunately, every country is developing its own system and has different requirements.

The CEO concluded by saying, “We need an international standard, but in the short term we need uniform rules at least in Europe.”

Featured image: Lufthansa Airbus 350-900 D-AIXO. Photo: Johann Heske/Airways