MIAMI – As aviation enthusiasts, each time we think about Ryanair, (FR) the Boeing 737-8AS comes into mind. The LCC currently has a total of 425 active aircraft.

Before the pandemic, each one used to perform between four to six cycles per day. In this article, we will talk about other aircrafts that have been useful to the carrier, which has the biggest Boeing 737-800 fleet in Europe. As we will see, that is not the only fleet FR fleet has.

Learjet 45 M-ABGV (Ryanair) 03-02-2021 LPPT. Photo: Hugo Guerra

The Bombardier Learjet 45

Ryanair possesses three Bombardier Learjet 45, with registrations M-ABEU, (MSN:374), M-ABGV, (MSN:421) and M-ABJA, (MSN:454). These aircrafts were delivered to the company on January 24, 2012, June 9, 2014 and December 24, 2015, respectively.

The main core of this aircraft are the airline’s logistics. The principal profit driver for a carrier is to have its fleet in the air, specially in the low-cost market. FR has the Learjets strategically positioned in Milan, Bergamo, (BGY), Dublin, Ireland, (DUB) and London, Stansted, (STN).

These are the airports that have maintenance hangars to perform the regular aircraft checks. Therefore, if any aircraft has a problem, FR uses these three aircraft to transport replacement parts to put planes back in the air. FR’s logistics maintenance works for 24 hours, 364 days a year, excluding the Christmas day.

Learjet 45. M-ABEU 18-10-2016 LPPT. Photo: Hugo Guerra

Learjets 45 are also used to train pilots and renew their flight licenses. Ryanair has an aircraft training program, that provides the flight hours to the new cadets that wants to start a life in the aviation world. The most of them are hired and start their Boeing 737-800 training program.

Moreover, these aircraft perform executive flights to Ryanair’s board of directors. If the managers, the board or even Michael O’leary himself needs to fly from Dublin, to every base that Ryanair operates, these aircraft are chosen to get the job done.

It is easier for FR to reach point-to-point bases in a couple of hours and return home safely without additional costs, not only with the executive flights, but also with its Pilot training and logistics, regarding the aircraft component of its 24-hour transport availability.

Ryanair Boeing 737-700 EI-SEV LPPT. Photo: Hugo Guerra

The Boeing 737-700

Ryanair has an unique aircraft in their huge fleet. The Boeing 737-700. The type is mainly used to perform crew training and it is configured with 60 passenger cabin for executive flights that require more than the Learjet’s capacity. The main difference is the configuration, 2-2, with a larger space between seats, against the 3-3 from the normal Boeing 737-800.

According to FR, the Boeing 737-700 can be leased for charter flights and Business travelers can enjoy the benefits of the airline’s corporate jet service, which caters to a different market than the one the carrier usually services.

The Boeing 737-700 was delivered to FR in 2015. It had its time with Azzurra Air (ZS), delivered in 1999, under registration EI-CRP. It was acquired by multiple companies before joining the FR Fleet. The type remains active, flying everywhere.

Featured image: M-ABJA 22-02-2017 LPPT. Photo: Hugo Guerra