MIAMI – The first of three Airbus A321neo family aircraft for the new Icelandic low-cost carrier (LCC), PLAY, will arrive at the end of the month. In the meantime, Play pilots are undergoing flight simulator training in the United Kingdom in preparation for the first scheduled passenger flight, which is slated for late June. 

The proposed LCC based at Keflavík International Airport (KEF). At the time of this writing, Play has not received an air operator’s certificate but is nevertheless game to start operations in the second quarter of 2021.

PLAY CEO Birgir Jónsson confirmed to Iceland Monitor that the remaining two aircraft to be delivered will be available for use in early July. The three A321neo aircraft are identical, as can carry up to 220 passengers. However, the Play A321neos will carry less than 200 passengers to provide extra comfort.

While it is still unclear when the airline will get a flight permit from the United States, Play expects to receive an air operating license at the beginning of next week by the Icelandic Transport Authority. 

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US Service from Iceland

According to the Icelandic news outlet, scheduled flights to the United States are anticipated to start in early January 2022, with a fleet of six to seven aircraft. Birgir says the airline is working hard to secure additional aircraft lease agreements.

The CEO also confirmed the long-term agreement Play secured for the three aircraft. Partially, Play only has to pay for used block times as per the agreements. (Block time is the total time taken by a flight from the departure to the destination).

The number of passengers transported during the first year of service, according to Birgir, is not vital, and he emphasizes the importance of avoiding overgrowth. The airline is able to do things correctly and deliberately with its strong financial position, he says.

We’ll see where this icy newcomer goes, and leave you with it’s IG slogan: We are PLAY! We stand for simplicity, happiness, on-time performance and low prices 

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