MIAMI – Here is a brief round-up of the industry’s latest aircraft deliveries:

AELIS Group (Slovakia) announces the delivery of ATR72-200F with Large Cargo Door, serial 389 to Hawaiian Airlines (US).

Ohana by Hawaiian Airlines has taken delivery of an ATR 72-200F registered as N816HC. 

In 1994, the aircraft was originally delivered to Trans Asia Airlines in a passenger configuration. It then operated for Farnair Switzerland before being transferred to ASL Airlines.  

All of Ohana’s flights are operated by Empire Airlines on ATR 42-500’s and ATR 72-200F’s. 

Aer Lingus (Ireland) has taken delivery of one A330-300, serial 1951

Aer Lingus has taken delivery of the final Airbus a330-300 to ever be made, registered as EI-EIN.

 Aer Lingus is currently in the process of retiring their older Boeing 757’s and Airbus a320’s in favor of new Airbus a321neo’s and Airbus a330-300’s. 

Aer Lingus is expecting one Airbus a330-300 on lease from Castlelake. 

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AFG Aviation Ireland completed the acquisition of one A320-200, serial 4865, from Vermillion Aviation.

AFG Aviation has acquired one Airbus a320-200 registered as A9C-AN from Vermillion Aviation. 

The aircraft was operated under lease by Gulf Air from November 2011. 

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Air Astana (Kazakhstan) has taken delivery of one A321neo, serial 8980.

Air Astana has taken delivery of an Airbus a321neo registered as P4-KGB. The aircraft was ferried to Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport on February 28th.  

The airline currently operates a fleet of 33 aircraft, comprised of 6 Embraer e190’s, 5 Embraer E190-E2, 3 Boeing 767-300’s, 4 Boeing 757-200’s, 6 Airbus a321neo’s, 2 Airbus a321-200’s, 3 Airbus a320neo’s and 4 Airbus a320-200’s. 

Air Astana has 3 a320neos and 1 a321neo on order to replace their aging Boeing fleet. 

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Air Macau has exercised the option to purchase one A320neo from CALC.

Chinese carrier Air Macau will purchase one Airbus a320neo from Hong Kong-based aircraft lessor China Aircraft Leasing.

Air Macau had one year after taking delivery of the aircraft on a lease from CALC. It exercised that option on February 28th.

The aircraft will be officially sold to Air Macau by the end of March of this year.

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American Airlines (US) has taken delivery of one A321neo, serial 9466.

American Airlines has taken delivery of an Airbus a321neo, registered as N416AN. The airline currently operates 15 a321neos.

American operates the a321neo between Phoenix, Orlando, Anchorage, Los Angeles and Hawaii.