SÃO PAULO — LATAM Airlines Group unveiled its new Premium Business product onboard one of its Boeing 777-300(ER)s in São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport.

The first aircraft to carry the all-new Business Class cabin features the group’s $500 million investment that aims to improve the overall passenger experience, which includes $400 million in cabin renovations.

The launch event took place in LATAM’s largest maintenance facility, the Manutenção em Linha Center (CML), where media from around the world gathered to get a look at the new cabin and premium service.

The event kicked off with a handful of Brazilian performers on the hangar’s floor, with stunning video projections on the aircraft’s fuselage.

According to LATAM, the ungauged product not only includes a cabin refresh for around 200 aircraft—about 10 Boeing 777s, 12 767s, and more than 150 Airbus A320/A321 aircraft—it also includes a substantial change in the overall passenger experience.

The newer aircraft in the fleet, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350, will not be getting refits. However, passengers on board those planes will get to experience the airline’s new service profile.

The New Business Class Service

The carrier’s executives presented the new Premium Business product and service, which includes a new culinary concept and cabin crew protocols that will provide more comfort and privacy so that customers can reach their destination feeling more “renewed and refreshed.”

LATAM refers to this new onboard service as a three-phase concept.

Unwind: from the moment a passenger boards the aircraft they are presented through experience and menu to enable them to slow down and relax. 

Rest: to maximize the rest period of long-haul flights the cabin crew will be implementing new protocols which call for fewer interruptions and less noise enabling passengers to feel completely relaxed and at ease.  And the third phase is called

Take-off: following the chance to be fully rested, each passenger is given a breakfast experience designed to the energy for the day ahead.    

“From listening to our customers, we understand they want more options, flexibility and personalization to be able to travel according to their needs. We are investing over half a billion dollars in cabin renovations, digital tools and improving our service to offer each of our customers a tailored travel experience”

Paulo Miranda, Vice President of Customers, LATAM Airlines Group.

The first LATAM Airlines 777 to feature the new Premium Business seat, custom-designed by Thompson Aero, comes in a much friendlier 1-2-1 staggered configuration, offering more privacy and direct aisle access, as well as configurations for individual and couples. 

All seats recline into a full-flat bed, featuring the latest generation of in-flight entertainment with an 18-inch Panasonic personal screen.

Another interesting feature of the new Premium Business seat is that is has a granite component to it. Yes, granite.

The small table surface is layered with a small piece of granite to give a little more elegance to the seating area—a unique take that LATAM Airlines has pioneered into the industry.

Upgraded Culinary Experience

As far as the airline’s new culinary concept, top Chilean chefs, Pamela Fidalgo and Aninha incorporated balanced recipes with fresh Latin American ingredients that “enable passengers to rest after any meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

“Our new Premium Business service offers more comfort and privacy so that our passengers can rest and arrive refreshed at their destination. We have transformed our service, starting with a new culinary concept as well as new cabin crew protocols and service elements,” said Miranda.

The Economy class cabin on both the Boeing 777 and 767 have also been upgraded, featuring LATAM+ seats, which come with greater space, dedicated overhead bins and premium services. 

With the new Premium Business experience, we aim to continue being the first choice for corporate customers, offering not only industry-leading cabins and service but also an unrivaled network of destinations as well as the best itineraries and punctuality on the continent,” concluded Miranda.

The first of retrofitted LATAM Triple Seven, has recently been flying the Sao Paulo-Madrid route. And there is also one 767 with the new configuration flying around the airline’s long haul schedule. 

Over the next two years, LATAM looks to complete the overhaul of its long-haul fleet and thus improving the travel experience for passengers traveling to South America and beyond.