MIAMI – Following its previous international flight reduction of 30%, LATAM (LA) now lowers its operations by 70% and sets a no-cost flight reschedule timeframe.

On March 12, the carrier’s reductions principally consisted of routes from South America to Europe and the US between April 1 and May 31. 2020. Today, the capacity drop corresponds to 90% for international flights and 40% for domestic routes (Chile).

“We made this difficult decision following border closures that have made operating to a large part of our network impossible,” said Roberto Alvo, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO-elect of LATAM Airlines Group.

“If these unprecedented travel restrictions are extended over the next few days, we cannot rule out further reductions to our operation,” added Alvo.

Decisions regarding staff and passengers

Photo: Luis Linares

The Chilean airline also enabled affected passengers to redeschedule their flights from March 16 to December 31, 2020 at no additional cost.

According to Alvo, in its company restructuring, LA is ensuring the group’s long-term sustainability, protecting its 43,000 employees.

“However, the scale and unpredictability of this crisis makes it difficult to anticipate results. This is why we are going to require the support of governments to overcome the greatest crisis in history for the tourism and civil aviation sectors,” added Alvo.

Further, LA informs that customer service channels are highly demanded, so it request that passengers with scheduled cancellations not to call more than 72 hours prior to their flights for the company to properly focus on their pressing requirements.