MIAMI — As previously reported by Airways, the last flight for US Airways will take place this October, and one more name in the history of commercial aviation will fade, and your AirwaysNews staff will be onboard this historical farewell flight.

The final US Airways Flight 1939 operated by an Airbus A321 is scheduled to depart Philadelphia at 10:05 local bound to Charlotte. Then, leave Charlotte at 14:35 local to fly to Phoenix, and finally depart at 17:10 local to San Francisco where is scheduled to leave around 22:00 local, to land in Philadelphia after 06:00 local on October 17, marking the onset of the cutover weekend in which American Airlines will start operating as a single airline, putting over two years of integration to an end.

U.S Airways A321 climbing out Charlotte (Credits: James Willamor)
U.S Airways A321 climbing out Charlotte (Credits: James Willamor)

In the last decade a series of mergers have taken out of the market names such as Northwest, Continental and AirTran, and before that, iconic airlines such as Pan Am and TWA disappeared. Others have attempted to make a comeback but failed such as PeopleExpress, while Eastern Air Lines has returned to the skies again.

The biggest challenge for American Airlines lies ahead: the combination of two large reservation platforms without glitches have been a constant mayhem for airlines. After three years of the merge between United and Continental, the Chicago-based carrier has experienced issues that plague its system. Last July, all United flights were halted due to a “network connectivity issue” as stated by the airline.

Besides the integration of the reservation systems, American will have to combine crew-scheduling and maintenance-tracking systems. The Dallas-based carrier has a labor force of approximately 113,000 employees, including its wholly owned regional subsidiaries such as Envoy Air.

Although flight 434 will be the final US Airways flight, it will be at the end of 2016 when all the US Airways fleet repaint with the New American livery are fully repainted.