MIAMI – Lalona Air, Germany’s newest airline preparing for launch in January 2022, is laying its foundation with its primary hub at Dusseldorf Airport (DUS).

Lalona Air is focused to serve the “business segment” of travelers and has selected the ATR 72-500 each equipped to seat 60 passengers in total along with special business seats to offer plenty of legroom and space to work.

Sales manager Sean Niefer says, “Lalona Air is an airline for business travelers without compromise.” On his part, Marvin Augustiniak, the managing director and founder says, “We will establish a new way of business travel in Germany”

The airline will offer its passengers a dedicated airport shuttle within a radius of 100 kilometers from the airport. Access to the lounge at DUS will also be provided along with a 15-kilo check-in allowance.

USB ports and headphones will also be provided onboard the ATR. For the physical well-being of the passengers, there will be cold and warm meals as well snacks and drinks. The airline will start off with just a single ATR 72-500 and with DUS as its operating base, nearly 150 destinations can be reached considering the ATR’s range.

Lalona Air ATR 72-500. “We will establish a new way of business travel in Germany.” | Lalona Air via Twitter

Routes and Destinations

The Dusseldorf-based airline plans to fly domestic as well as international. As announced by the airline, Friedrichshafen (FDN) and Klagenfurt (KLU) would be the initial destinations. It also announced today that it would fly to the Swedish city of Goteburg (GOT).

Lalona, which focuses on the business segment already faces a hurdle – severe competition from DUS already exists. competing on routes which Eurowings and other major carriers won’t generate enough revenue to stay afloat. The airline has to find routes that turn to be profitable and offer a low level of competition.

Budapest (BUD), Gdansk(GDN), Krakow (KRK), Venice (VCE), Turin (TRN), Lubeck (LBC), and Geneva (GVA) are some other targets for Lalona.

Although much has been stated from the airline’s side, whether it actually takes off successfully is something only time can tell. Bodensee-Airport in Friedrichshafen raises concern that is not 100% convinced of the virtual airline taking to skies yet.

The first sale of tickets will be open for purchase on October 1, 2021.

Featured image: Lalona Air via Twiter