MIAMI – What is happening at the newest German business travel-oriented startup Lalona Air? The virtual airline, whose flights were to be operated under a wet-lease agreement with Air Alsie (6I), was to start selling tickets as of October 1. This, apparently, will never happen.

German press outlets AeroTelegraph and report that the Lolona deal with 6I is dead in the water. The wet-lease supplier has pulled out from the agreement and the startup seems to be heading toward severe business woes.

According to Aerotelegraph, the startup airline, which was planning to fly business-oriented services out of Dusseldorf (DUS) to 15 European destinations, has lost its essential partner I6, the former remaining purely virtual since it has no aircraft of its own.

To complicate matters for the airline, the above-cited German outlets report that Lalona Air’s founder is also facing legal action coming from employees.

Image: Lalona Air via Twitter


Lalona Air promises of taking off “at full speed and then soar high” or being “a new kind of business travel” in Germany seem to have fallen out of contest even before the first non-virtual flight. Not exactly in line with what was mentioned at its beginning as “own visionary spirit and doer mentality.”

The startup airline, slated to begin services on January 15, 2022, with a promise of great punctuality and great customer service, seemed to see everything going full steam when the partnership with 6I and a “pool of national and international investors” were announced in July 2021.

According to CH Aviation as cited by AeroTelegraph, 6I has now withdrawn from the agreement and, while not detailing the precise reasons behind the end of the cooperation with Lalona Air, has indicated that the startup was unable to meet the “requirements necessary to continue into the new phase.”

AeroTelegraph and also report that as of now there is no Lalona Air entry in the official commercial register, that the founder is under several legal actions, one concerning social security fraud; and faces dismissal from an investor that, although cited by the founder, declared having never heard of Lalona Air.

For the sake of precision, it is to be noted that the founder has experience in logistics but none in air transport or aviation. As the saying goes, “Running an airline is like having a baby: fun to conceive, but hell to deliver.”

Featured image: Lalona Air via Twitter