MIAMI – The LATAM Group has begun operating flights to Qatar for the first time, catering to demand during Chile’s fruit harvest season.

The service was launched on November 30, and LATAM Airlines Brazil operated the first flight on the route. According to, cargo from customers in South America on the Doha flight contained perishables; electrical goods were borne on the return route.

Yesterday, the carrier made its second flight to Doha, carrying more than 95 tonnes of fresh fruit. The fruit was then transported by LATAM interline partner Qatar Airways (QR) Cargo to Shanghai.

LATAM Cargo’s Boeing 777-300 departed from Guarulhos Airport (GRU) in Brazil en route to Santiago, Chile, with a technical stop at Recife, Brazil, before continuing its journey to Doha, Qatar.

The return flight ended in GRU. More than 50 individuals were involved in the introduction and logistics of the new route that that clocked 18 hours of flight from its origin in Brazil to its final destination in Doha.

Photo: LATAM Cargo

LATAM, Qatar Cargo amid the Pandemic

LATAM said that Qatar Airways Cargo helped “just in time to meet the Christmas season demand” to import more than 60 tonnes of electrical goods to Brazil and Chile.

The cargo arms of both airlines have been busy amid the health crisis. Qatar Cargo has boosted its cargo operations in the US and Northern Norway, as it seeks to resume its schedule and partnerships. On its part, LATAM Cargo announced in September an increase in its frequencies from Colombia to the US to satisfy its clients’ needs in that market.

“During the pandemic, LATAM Cargo retained its strategy of using passenger aircraft as all-cargo transport, which proved very helpful in mitigating the reduction in belly capacity caused by the closure of global borders,” the carrier said.

Internally, there have been some shifts in LATAM Cargo’s leadership. Otávio Meneguette has recently been named vice president of freight, Brazil, by LATAM and is now in charge of controlling the company’s air cargo business strategy in the Brazilian market. The South American company also recently appointed Marty St. George to be its Chile chief commercial officer. 

Featured image: LATAM Cargo B763F N534LA KMIA NASEDIT. Photo: Wiki Commons