KLM Boeing 747-406M in Amsterdam Schipol Intl' Airport (AMS). Photo: KLM

MIAMI – The three Boeing 747-400 Combinations that KLM removed from the medical airlift to China in April will remain in service until the end of October this year.

At the beginning of March, KLM decided to place the seven remaining Boeing 747-400 in early retirement. The low demand for flights due to the COVID-19 crisis caused such a decision.

However, a while later three aircraft were back in the sky for a medical airlift that was set up in collaboration with Philips and the Dutch government. So far, the jumbos have collected 130 million mouth masks.

KLM Boeing 747-406M PH-BFS at Amsterdam, Schiphol (AMS) – Netherlands. Photo:
©Udo Haafke

Comments from KLM

KM says, “The jumbo jets have played a prominent role in KLM’s fleet for years. The Boeing 747 is an imaginative aircraft and meant a lot to the history of civil aviation.”

The airline also states that as a (combination) cargo plane, the Queen of the skies has proven her strength and has done her duty. After October, both the Boeing 777 and 787 will take over the role of the jumbo as “worthy successors.”

“The modern devices are lighter, more economical, more comfortable, and produce less noise. In addition, they are extremely flexible in their use in the area of ​​freight transport and handling, ”says KLM.

KLM Boeing 747-406M PH-BFE at Amsterdam, Schiphol (AMS) – Netherlands. Photo:
©Peter Leu

The Final Glimpses of The Boeing 747-400

According to luchtvaartnieuws.nl, the Boeing 747 will continue to fly in KLM colors even after October. Three of the four freight aircraft of KLM subsidiary Martinair Cargo are fitted with the blue livery of KLM Cargo.

Featured photo: KLM Boeing 747-406M in Amsterdam Schipol Intl’ Airport (AMS). Photo: KLM