MIAMI — A KLM Boeing 737 has collided with an EasyJet Airbus A320 at Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport.

The ground incident occurred as the easyJet plane pushed back from the gate as it departed to London-Gatwick operating flight EJU8868, then colliding with a KLM 737-800, which was also taxiing out for its scheduled flight KL1699 to Madrid-Barajas.

The British low-cost carrier confirmed via a public statement that “the incident happened during pushback,” also noting that the plane was towed back to the gate and all passengers deplaned.

“The flight to London-Gatwick will now be operated by another aircraft, currently on its way to Amsterdam,” the airline said.

Likewise, KLM released a statement noting that “passengers were not in any danger and were taken off-board (…) After a delay of 2.5 hours, the passengers left with another aircraft.”

Immediately after the incident, both the Airbus A320 (OE-IVI) and the Boeing 737-800 were withdrawn from service.

The Dutch carrier has begun investigating the cause of the incident. However, with Amsterdam-Schiphol being one of the busiest airports in Europe, ground congestion must have played an important role in the ground collision.