PHOTO: Chris Bank.

MIAMI — Kids from Angels Reach Foundation put crayons to paper and draw their dream playground, which Delta Air Lines, along with KaBOOM!, will make come true this April. It will be the 22nd build led by the carrier.

Yesterday, the first phase of the project, called “Design Day” took place. The community got together to plan out all the details of the playground.

Likewise, the most creative elements from their drawings will be incorporated into the design for the new playspace.

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The community will then choose the final design, and begin with the building process on Sunday, April 29 at Angels Reach Foundation.

PHOTO: Chris Bank.

Luciano Macagno, Delta Air Lines Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, shared: “It is a pleasure to be here today at the Angels Reach Academy in Hialeah. Miami is a place that gathers people from Latin America and from all over the world – building this KaBOOM! – Delta playground is a great opportunity to give back to the Miami community and Latin America for all they have done for Delta”.

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Furthermore, Tad Hutcheson, Managing Director of Community Engagement for Delta Air Lines, commented: “Delta Air Lines is excited to build the 22nd playground in partnership with KaBOOM!. This is the first time the community and Delta have gotten together to design the first KaBOOM! – Delta playground in Florida.”

KaBOOM! is a national non-profit dedicated to offering kids a merry childhood by building safe places to play.

This playground project is a component of an extensive effort led by Delta Air Lines and KaBOOM! to face an essential need, which is to make play a natural and fun choice for kids and families.

Moreover, through this partnership, KaBOOM! is developing an environment where kids feel treasured and loved, and their potential is encouraged and celebrated.