MIAMI – Jordan and Israel have recently reached an agreement for joint overflight rights between both countries, cutting travel times for Jordanian and Israeli carriers.

The agreement follows a historic El Al (LY) flight between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in late August followed by Bahrain allowing LY to overfly its territory.

IsPhoto: Hamburg Aviation

Diplomacy and Fuel Savings

Before the agreement, LY and Arkia (IZ) had to avoid Jordanian airspace and Royal Jordanian (RJ) would often have to avoid Israeli airspace, leading to longer flights and higher fuel costs.

Now, both airlines can benefit from greater efficiency on flights to the Middle East and Europe. Even Gulf carriers such as Etihad (EY) and Emirates (EK) will benefit in terms of fuel savings by overflying both Jordan and Israel on their way to Europe.

According to the Israeli Transport Ministry, “UAE and Bahrain airlines, as well as carriers from all over the world, will in the near future be able to begin flying over Israel to destinations in Europe and North America, and back”.

The overflights will be permitted on weeknights between 23:00 and 6:00 while on weekends the opening will be 12 hours daily. Additionally, on 12 specific holidays throughout the year, the airspace will be open all day.

Featured image: El AL. Photo: Brandon Farris