MIAMI – JetSMART Peru has applied for both a Peruvian Operating License (OL) and Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) as it looks to begin Peruvian domestic service, according to ch-aviation.

An upstart airline and a subsidiary of JetSmart Airlines (JA), a Chilean ultra low-cost carrier, the airline is set to bolster competition within the domestic Peruvian market. JA already has an operating subsidiary in Argentina, JetSmart Argentina (WJ).

The airline applied for the OL and AOC with the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), the Peruvian civil aviation regulator, on April 26, 2021.

JetSMART Airbus A320-271Neo Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways – @ac_avphoto

Enhanced Competition

JA CEO Eduardo Ortiz said according to ch-aviation that amid “the pandemic, we’ve been looking for growth opportunities, and we believe the Peruvian domestic market is one of them.”

He further added that it “is time to start our certification process as a domestic carrier in Peru. We hope the market recovery will accelerate during the second half of 2021, and in 2022.”

Sky Airline (H2), another Chilean carrier, has already received permission to operate flights between the United States and Peru but JetSMART nevertheless will likely see some growth while sparking enhanced domestic competition.

Featured image: JetSMART Airbus A320-271Neo Photo: Mathieu Majal/Airways – @matdu20eme