MIAMI – Today, JetBlue (B6) and Airbus released the first photos of the airline’s first A220. The new tail livery, nicknamed “Hops” is another facet of the modernization of JetBlue’s fleet.

A New Fleet

With 70 A220s on order, the aircraft will replace the current Embraer 190s, and it is expected that delivery of this first aircraft will happen before the end of the year. The delivery of the remaining aircraft will align with the phaseout of the E190s, ending in 2025.

With the introduction of the A220, JetBlue is expected to be able to save even more money compared to the E190, based on the increased seating of around 130 vs 100. The operating costs are approximately the same between the two aircraft, meaning that the A220 will be viable for routes that do not see the highest demand.

JetBlue A220 Concept Render. Photo: Airbus

Other Changes

The opening of the Mobile, AL assembly line has been a boon for Airbus in these troubled times. This assembly line is able to serve American Operators without the tariffs having an impact, unlike aircraft which are delivered directly from Europe.

Beyond the addition of the A220s to JetBlue’s fleet, the airline is in the process of upgrading the cabins on their A320ceo aircraft, and have also purchased A320neos to round off their upgrades.

Featured image: JetBlue New Tail Livery. Photo: JetBlue via Phillip Stewart