MIAMI – JetBlue Airways (JB) and Pratt & Whitney (P&W), through its affiliate, IAE International Aero Engines AG (IAE), announced that the airline signed a 13-year EngineWise® fixed-price agreement for 230 V2500® engines that power the airline’s A320ceo fleet.

JetBlue states that the V2500 engine has been the workhorse of JB’s fleet since the airline’s inception.

According to Steve Priest, Chief Financial Officer at JetBlue, “This agreement provides predictable maintenance and supports efficient operations needed to serve our customers for many years to come.”

Jet Blue Airbus A320-232 (N779JB) | Photo: © Vincenzo Pace

EngineWise® Technology

The P&W EngineWise® technology is a computer system that is attached to jet engines on airliners all over the world. Over decades of data collection, P&W has information from over 4 million components in its jet engines. This allows it to predict the timing for maintenance.

Pratt & Whitney says that the goal of their technology is to keep engines running for longer amounts of time. This is possible as maintenance shifts from reactive to proactive.

Jet Blue Airbus A320-232 (N524JB) | Photo: © Hiro Nishikura

The V2500 Engine

The highly reliable and fuel-efficient V2500 engine is offered through IAE. The multinational aero engine consortium shareholders are Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Aero Engines International GmbH. Shareholders also include Japanese Aero Engines Corporation and MTU Aero Engines.

“We truly appreciate our long-standing and successful relationship with JetBlue,” said Rick Deurloo, chief commercial officer at Pratt & Whitney. “We are committed to partnering with the airline on V2500 engine maintenance to optimize fleet performance well into the future.”

The V2500 engine is backed by an established global network of 18 facilities for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). It includes nine IAE partner facilities, of which three are managed by Pratt & Whitney and its joint ventures.

These are the Turkish Engine Center in Istanbul, the Shanghai Engine Center in China, and the Christchurch Engine Center in New Zealand.

P&W, IAE V2500 Engine Model | Photo: © Morio via Wikipedia Commons

The A320ceo

The Airbus A320ceo (current engine option) has a range of 3350nm. This with Sharklets, and can seat up to 170 in a two-class configuration.

The aircraft can cruise at 0.82 Mach. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 172 tonnes and a maximum fuel capacity of 7190 gallons.

The A320ceo has the same flight systems as it’s original A320 counterpart which reduces the need for re-training pilots.

Rendering of Airbus A320ceo. | Photo: © Airbus

JetBlue operates a fleet of 193 Airbus A320ceo family aircraft powered by the V2500 engine. The airline has also ordered 85 GTF-powered Airbus A320neo family aircraft, of which 10 have already been delivered. In addition, JBU has 70 GTF-powered Airbus A220 aircraft on order, with deliveries scheduled to begin later this year.

JetBlue A320-232 (N708JB) | Photo: © Nathan Coats via Wikipedia Commons

The huge order with EngineWise option included should save JetBlue a lot of money. It will be able to, on average, replace and repair engines on their A320 fleet later than expected.