LONDON – JetBlue (B6) has this week announced two major pieces of news due to the ongoing increase in travel demand in the United States.

Mint Comes to Newark

The first of which is that the airline will be adding its Mint Business Class product out of Newark and will operate said flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Mint services to Los Angeles from Newark will operate on a thrice-daily service whilst the San Francisco service will operate twice-daily from July 23.

Customers will have 10-inch television screens inside Mint, offering free entertainment options, more comfortable seats and more legroom for those in Economy.

On top of this, the A321 with this product onboard will also offer free Fly-Fi High Speed Broadband.

Commenting on this was Scott Laurence, Head of Revenue and Planning at B6, who emphasized the need for a transformed service in a post-COVID world.

“Coronavirus has transformed airline route maps, and as we begin to see small signs of recovery, we continue to be flexible with our network plans to respond to demand trends and generate cash in support of our business.”

“We’ve selected routes where customers are showing some interest in travel again and where our low fares and award-winning experience will be noticed,” he added.

Routes Added to the Network

The airline has also announced it will add 30 new routes to its Coronavirus-influenced network.

The other 28 routes alongside the Mint services from Newark are as follows:

  • Effective July 23:
    • Newark-Charleston – Once daily.
    • Newark-Jacksonville – Once daily.
    • JFK-Dallas Fort Worth – Twice daily.
    • JFK-Detroit – Twice daily.
  • Effective August 6:
    • Newark-Austin – Twice daily.
    • Newark-San Diego – Once daily.
    • Newark-Las Vegas – Twice daily.
    • Newark-Phoenix – Twice daily.
    • Newark-Sarasota – Once daily.
    • JFK-Minneapolis – Twice daily.
    • LaGuardia-Fort Myers – One daily.
    • LaGuardia-Tampa – Twice daily.
    • Philadelphia-Orlando – Twice daily.
    • Philadelphia-Palm Beach – Twice daily.
    • Philadelphia-Fort Myers – Once daily.
    • Philadelphia-San Juan – Once daily.
    • Philadelphia-Tampa – Once daily.
  • Effective October 1:
    • JFK-St. Thomas – Twice weekly.
    • Fort Lauderdale-Pittsburgh – Once daily.
    • Fort Lauderdale-Portland – Twice weekly.
    • Fort Lauderdale-Seattle Tacoma – Thrice weekly.
    • Orlando-San Francisco – Once daily.
    • Fort Myers-Cleveland – Once daily.
    • Fort Myers-Providence – Once daily.
    • Tampa-Providence – Once daily.
    • Tampa-Washington National – Once daily.
    • Palm Beach-Chicago O’Hare – Once daily.
    • Palm Beach-Pittsburgh – Once daily.

It is understood that these 28 new routes will be operated with B6’s non-Mint-installed Airbus A320 aircraft.

JetBlue’s focus with these routes is based on what it deems as VFR, or Visiting Friends and Relatives Travel.

Photo: Business Insider

The carrier believes that “adding more destinations in these key markets will help make JetBlue more relevant to more travelers and drive loyalty.”

Overall, B6 aims to operate more than half of its typical capacity this summer, which includes opening up said markets between July and August.

The airline did state that aircraft would be reactivated to meet this demand but did not give a clear a number of how many.

Either way, it is very significant news and gives a glimpse of the demand within the United States for domestic and international travel.

It will be interesting to see how many aircraft are reactivated and how well the routes perform.