MIAMI – JetBlue (B6) is the first US airline to offer free flight cancelations or changes on all recently booked flights from tomorrow to March 11 for all travel completed by June 1, 2020, and on all routes, as the deadly virus spreads to 40 countries.

The carrier does not offer direct flights to Asia or Europe. However, it does fly within the US, to Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

JetBlue’s CEO and President Joanna Geraghty stated, “while authorities have not issued any travel restrictions to the locations we fly, we want to give our customers some peace of mind that we are ready to support them should the situation change.”

In its official statement, B6 says that customers who book within the next two weeks will receive a full travel credit should they need to cancel their trip while those who wish to change their plans can apply the full amount from their original booking to a different itinerary.

According to CNBC, cancellation or change fees with the airline can typically cost up to $200. The policy does not prohibit travelers from booking flights, though.

A growing epidemic on a global scale

Already, many Asian airlines have refunded tickets while other US airlines have permitted customers to change flights heading to some areas in the affected region.

While in the US there are 60 confirmed cases so far, it is incomparable to how the virus has affected the following countries: China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, and Hong Kong.

Airways will continue to post detailed reports on the deadly virus fallout and how the epidemic is dramatically affecting the commercial aviation industry.