JetBlue A321. | Photo: Airways Magazine File

NEW YORK — What’s old is new again. The historic Marine Air Terminal at New York-LaGuardia (LGA)—an Art Deco building that sits on the west side of the airfield—was once home to the Pan Am Clipper (flying boat), the Delta Shuttle, and has now become Jetblue’s new home.

The airline moved in a little over a year ago, and to celebrate the first year of operations at the Marine Air Terminal, Jetblue and OTG hosted a special tour and lunch at Salotto.  

Jetblue operates 18 flights a day out of four gates in LGA. Currently, it is the only tenant of the Marine Air Terminal.  

While honoring the historic design of the Terminal, Jetblue has added its own modern touches, such as a CIBO Express Market, Mamava nursing pod, plenty of comfortable seating, and Salotto, a farm-to-table Italian restaurant created by the airport hospitality group OTG.

The restaurant, which could be considered the crown jewel of the terminal, offers a pretty good selection of food and beverages.  

They offer a wide variety of beers, wines, and cocktails. We were able to sample some of their succulent pizzas, made by a specialized oven that cooks the pizza in less than three minutes.

After all these modifications, the terminal still seems like a small space, though JetBlue has done the best they could to enhance the customer experience.

When we were on hand for the tour, JetBlue was experiencing some delays which caused some overcrowding inside the terminal. However, once those flights departed, the terminal thinned out and every passenger was able to have a seat.  

Another positive note is that while moving away from the Central terminal and across the field to the Marine Air Terminal, planes are able to get in and out faster, as mentioned by Ian Deason, JetBlue’s SVP of Customer Experience.

The Marine Air Terminal is easily accessible by bus, has easy access to daily and long term parking lots.

Jetblue has a new lobby featuring self-service kiosks and bag drop. TSA checkpoint has been expanded to include a dedicated PreCheck lane.

Jetblue has the flexibility to stay at the Marine Air Terminal longer term. No definite plans have been made yet, however.

For now, JetBlue passengers should be relieved that they do not have to be hassled with traffic and congestion issues that many of the other airport patrons have to endure.